Many companies have extensive client database records that contain all of the pertinent contact information with the exception often of an email address. Our email appending services can provide accurate e-mail addresses for your company's database records. This allows you to take advantage of "The power of personal marketing" through effective development of your own current client and prospect information.

Build a solid multichannel marketing strategy Complement your direct mail, telemarketing or other marketing media with online communications to reinforce your brand. Make another connection with your customers using Amerium Data append services.


  • Email Appending – Adding opt-in Emails against a given contact name in the customer input file.
  • Data Appending – Adding missing information like job title, phone, fax, postal address, website, employees, SIC Codes, sales revenue, etc. against a given contact name.
  • Data Cleansing – Updating the existing fields in the customer input file with current and accurate information.
  • Target Appending – Identifying the top clients from the customer data file and building a fresh list of prospects from the similar industry verticals.
  • Contact Appending – Adding contact details of specific job titles as mentioned by the customer against a given list of company names.
  • Reverse Appending – Appending the complete contact information of contacts against a given Email address.


  • Your existing postal databases are sent to Amerium Data.
  • Your files are matched with our databases to locate email addresses that correspond to your records.
  • An Opt-in letter is sent to each matching record, confirming permission to communicate with the recipient via email. You will not be charged for those that opt-out, or email addresses that bounce-back and are not attached to your final file.
  • At the completion of the process all opted-in matches are appended to your file and are successfully deliverable. The enhanced file is sent back to you.

Our Services

Business Mailing Lists

Constant growth of your business requires a steady flow of new customers. Our database of quality contacts gives you a huge audience from which to generate leads.

Competitive Intelligence Lists

Are your ideal prospects using specific technologies? Our intelligence lists allow you to find and target exactly the right leads, giving you an incredible strategic advantage.

Data Appending

What good is a database that doesn't include all of the relevant contact information? Our records are thorough and up-to-date, making them among the most effective in the industry.

Email Campaign

We make it easy! Simply choose your message, select a data product to designate your target audience, and tell us when you want the message sent. Our “private label” marketing emails are unbeatable.

Lead Generation

Amerium Data's information is fully-compliant with the DNC and all applicable regulations, as well as state, federal, and local laws.

Market Research

Put our expertise to use, and let us help you reach your marketing goals. We provide high-quality marketing research that helps you maximize your marketing dollar.

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