How accurate is your data?

We proudly maintain some of the most accurate and effective marketing data in the industry. Our methods produce data that's considerably more accurate than other commercially-available marketing data – so much so, that top Fortune companies regularly turn to us for their data needs. We stand firmly behind the quality of our data, and we even guarantee the deliverability and contact rate of our leads in writing. No other data provider offers this kind of guarantee!

How do you maintain the quality of your data?

We continuously update our data using National Change of Address (NCOA) software, CASS Certification, and all other standard accuracy processes. We also cross-check and validate our data using our own in-house methods, allowing us to take our data to even higher levels of efficacy. Our massive list of opt-in contacts combined with our proprietary selection and vetting process allows us to stand out from other providers.

Does this mean that every message to every contact will be delivered?

No list on the market can be 100% deliverable at all time, simply due to normal activity of subscribers and contacts. People can move, marry, change jobs, or make any number of life changes at any time, and it's beyond the means of any firm operating within a free society to keep tabs on every single person at all times! The good news is that our extensive review and vetting process minimizes the number of dropped contacts so that you're always getting the most high-quality contacts possible.

What kind of response rate can I expect?

As with any kind of marketing effort, there are many variables that will influence the results. Everything from the actual product being offered to timing to the quality of the marketing content itself will have an impact on the overall effectiveness of a marketing campaign.
All of these factors mean that your actual response rate will vary from one campaign to the next. It's critical to your efforts that you pay close attention to your product offering, your creative content, choice of target audience, timing, and other relevant factors to get the best results. The actual goals of different marketing campaigns can be very different as well; Some are considered profitable with a 1% return, while others require a much greater ratio to be considered “successful.” There's one thing we can certainly guarantee: using a high-quality list of leads that's been vetted for deliverability and accuracy will give you better results than using a low-quality, unreliable list.

How do you compile your data?

Amerium Data has the most comprehensive data in the industry, and we've achieved that milestone by gathering data from a variety of efficient sources. Our sources include public records, title companies, credit bureaus, DBA filings, tax records, and Yellow Pages listings. Our most lucrative method of gathering data is through our numerous online portals and subscription sites. These allow us to collect compliant, opted-in contacts that are willing to receive our advertising content.
We then analyze and constantly update this data to ensure that it's current, accurate, and useful to our clients.

What formats are available?
  • Digital Download - Have your data in-hand and ready to go in seconds. Print your own mailing labels or prospect lists from the data and start marketing right away!
    • CD-ROM - Keep a hard-copy of the files while easily printing mailing labels or lists from your office computer.
      • Mailing Labels - We'll send you premade mailing labels that will speed-up your direct mailing campaign considerably. Just peel and stick, and you're ready to send them off!
        • Prospects Lists - If you need hard-copy lists for your sales force or telemarketing purposes, we can send them to you directly.
          • 3x5 Sales Leads Cards - These sales cards are designed for use in telemarketing situations, making it easy for a call center to quickly engage each lead and keep track of the results.

Our Services

Business Mailing Lists

Constant growth of your business requires a steady flow of new customers. Our database of quality contacts gives you a huge audience from which to generate leads.

Competitive Intelligence Lists

Are your ideal prospects using specific technologies? Our intelligence lists allow you to find and target exactly the right leads, giving you an incredible strategic advantage.

Data Appending

What good is a database that doesn't include all of the relevant contact information? Our records are thorough and up-to-date, making them among the most effective in the industry.

Email Campaign

We make it easy! Simply choose your message, select a data product to designate your target audience, and tell us when you want the message sent. Our “private label” marketing emails are unbeatable.

Lead Generation

Amerium Data's information is fully-compliant with the DNC and all applicable regulations, as well as state, federal, and local laws.

SEO Services

Search rankings are more important than ever. What business owner wouldn't want to see their website achieve Top 10 Ranking in search engines?

Market Research

Put our expertise to use, and let us help you reach your marketing goals. We provide high-quality marketing research that helps you maximize your marketing dollar.

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How accurate is your data?

Amerium's data is so much more accurate than standard commercially available marketing data, that top fortune companies have come to rely on our compilations. We even go so far as to guarantee the deliverability and contact rate of our data in writing. This is a guarantee that no other data provider offers. Our data is continuously updated with NCOA software (National Change of Address), CASS Certification and every standard accuracy process. In order to serve you with clean and deliverable data that exceeds industry standards, we go many steps further using our own cross referencing and data validation methods. Because we have the privilege of living in a free society no list on the market can be 100% deliverable at any one point in time. People move, change jobs, marry, have children, buy homes, sell homes and make other lifestyle changes every moment of every day. Ultimately it's the number of responses received and the accuracy of the selection process that sets us apart from other providers.