Amerium Data's is in full compliance with the DNC and all other federal, state and municipal laws. We work hard to keep up with the laws that affect our industry so that you are protected, as well. At Amerium Data, we understand your increasing need to push the sales needle forward. Our experts can work in tandem with your marketing team to generate a new lead, qualify an existing one and, maybe, close a sale itself! We deploy a judicious mix of direct mail, online, email and telecalling tactics to help build your sales pipeline.


One of the most daunting challenges faced by today's marketers is the task of creating a clean database. Amerium Data has the in-house expertise to custom create a leads database that addresses your specific business goals. What makes us effective? Our belief that designations and functions are not the same in every organisation… the reason why we study both deeply and translate that knowledge into a value add for your marketing strategy.


An advertising legend once said, "If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative". Team Amerium Data strongly believes in it, and blends business acumen with lateral thinking for conceptualising creative assets that help generate genuine leads–apart from raising eyebrows.


The human touch still works wonders to a comprehensive lead generation program. Less wonder, we still apply the best practices in cold calling to connect with prospects. Our experienced telemarketing professionals are thoroughly trained to navigate all kinds of organisations, and connect well with decision makers through meaningful conversations. We take them through a rigorous product training program before the commencement of every lead generation activity.


A database is akin to a ready to use palette with paint… it calls for another skill set to create the 'oomph' quotient. Whether it's 'your' roster of contacts or a database created by us, we go all out to ensure that you realize the maximum returns from the lead generation campaign. Once our seasoned appointment setting experts take charge, you can continue to focus on your priorities because we would have already instilled the passion to talk about your offerings, confidently and meaningfully It doesn't stop with that! Post appointment, Amerium Data can follow up with both your prospective customer and your external sales team–channel partner–to ensure that the opportunity is optimized. This approach is what has made team Amerium Data effective–even in the most difficult terrains where the appointment setting process has to be a long term exercise. And not just a one time affair!


How often do you worry about bridging the gap between sales and marketing? Even if it's 'once in a while', it's time you knew what Amerium Data can do! We start by giving due credit to your valuable contacts information acquired through a multitude of channels over the years. We also understand the impediments and inhibitions of your in-house sales team. When it comes to nurturing and qualifying leads, our experts know precisely what to look for and what you are looking for! Be it a hot, warm or cold lead, our emphasis is always on quality and conversion. What doesn't work is weeded out at every stage! And what adds value is nurtured and treated like gold!

Our Services

Business Mailing Lists

Constant growth of your business requires a steady flow of new customers. Our database of quality contacts gives you a huge audience from which to generate leads.

Competitive Intelligence Lists

Are your ideal prospects using specific technologies? Our intelligence lists allow you to find and target exactly the right leads, giving you an incredible strategic advantage.

Data Appending

What good is a database that doesn't include all of the relevant contact information? Our records are thorough and up-to-date, making them among the most effective in the industry.

Email Campaign

We make it easy! Simply choose your message, select a data product to designate your target audience, and tell us when you want the message sent. Our “private label” marketing emails are unbeatable.

Lead Generation

Amerium Data's information is fully-compliant with the DNC and all applicable regulations, as well as state, federal, and local laws.

Market Research

Put our expertise to use, and let us help you reach your marketing goals. We provide high-quality marketing research that helps you maximize your marketing dollar.

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